Gelber's Way

A Family-Owned Destination Management Company

Gelber’s Way follows in the footsteps as a subsidiary of IWorld of Travel, founded more than fifty years ago by Ady Gelber who pioneered tourism to the Middle East from the USA, controlling the entire experience from wheels down to wheels up, outbound and inbound. 

The foundation of Gelber’s Way rests on this highly successful business model which has transformed IWorld of Travel to a global operation catering to traveler’s needs nearly everywhere on earth and creating thousands of unique journeys each year.

Gelber’s Way is the brainchild of Michael Gelber, Ady’s son, who included his sister’s married name “Way” as a wonderful coincidental double meaning.

At launch, Gelber’s Way opened their first office in Croatia in June, 2021, and in Israel in July, 2021, with subsequent offices opening in Peru, Turkey, and South Africa in 2022.

Gelber’s Way has an auspicious phone number: 844.660.1818. 18 means chai, for life, in Hebrew. And we believe a life of travel is a life well-lived!

Our Services

Gelber’s Way manages destination travel agency services including: arranging and coordinating transportation for individuals and groups; arranging transport services for sightseeing tours; booking travel tickets; booking seats for travel; providing transportation for sightseeing travel tours by private car; organizing travel and boat trips; providing a website featuring travel information and commentary; providing transportation and travel ticket reservation services; and providing an online searchable computer database featuring information on travel.